Rule #1: Teammate’s siblings are off-limits.

Haley has had enough hockey to last her for the rest of her life. The last thing she wants when she arrives at college is to live in her brother’s shadow but that’s nearly impossible when his face is everywhere she turns. Reid’s only focus has been one thing, make it to the NHL, until he meets the one woman that has the power to distract him. The only problem, she’s his best friend’s sister.

As much as she hates to admit it, Haley can’t stop thinking about the one person on campus she should avoid. Reid doesn’t seem to care about the reasons why they shouldn’t be together, and the longer she looks into his sapphire eyes the harder it is to resist him.

Are they willing to risk the wrath of the team or lose each other?

Rule #2: Don’t make the same mistake twice.

We all do things we regret when we’re young and stupid. At least, that’s what Ethan tells himself to be able to look Kennedy in the eyes. He broke her heart, but that was years ago. She couldn’t possibly still be harboring hatred, right?

Kennedy has a few months left of school before she can leave this place behind and never, ever look back. One of the few things standing between her and graduation is a project for an elective she forgot to take. There’s just a minor problem: she’s been assigned to partner with the only person on campus she can’t stand the sight of.

On the bright side, his future lies in her hands. He’s one failed grade away from getting kicked off the team. This is the perfect chance to get revenge, but in order for them to survive their senior year, they’re going to have to find a way to work together.

Rule #3: No fraternizing with the enemy.

Presley Stone never intended to uproot her life in the middle of her senior year, but some opportunities are simply too good to pass up. When West Penn University’s new women’s coach called her to tell her she had the chance to play, she put in the transfer papers immediately. The problems start to arise when she sees the one guy that’s ever been able to rile her up. The one that nearly got her to quit hockey forever.

Hunter Shaw needed more time than his teammates to adjust to the idea of having to share his arena with the new women’s team, but the second he runs into his nemesis from the past all bets are off.

Can these two find a way to work around each other in peace or will both teams get dragged into a war?

Rule #4: Captains must lead by example

Benjamin Cruz is so close to achieving his dream, just a few more months until all of his dedication and sacrifices pay off and he’ll finally make it to the NHL. He’s obeyed every rule, missed out on so much of the quintessential college experience, and keep his team in line. He just has to reach graduation without any drama, and he thinks it will be as easy as an empty-net shot until pictures surface that could destroy everything he worked so hard for.

Gracie Burns is mad. No, she’s pissed. She wasted nearly four years parading around as the doting girlfriend. A perfectly poised, always smiling, supportive robot. All because she thought, very naïvely she now admits, one day her boyfriend would propose and they would live happily ever after while he took the NFL by storm. Now she knows the truth, and she wants revenge for the years she lost. So it’s quite serendipitous that the most eligible bachelor on West Penn’s campus is looking for a picture-perfect girlfriend to score the approval of NHL scouts.

Can these two pull of the assist of the century, or are they both destined for heartbreak?