Revenge of the Invisibles


invisibles3All is fair in love and high school…

Still grieving her mother’s death, Celeste is moved to a new state and forced to attend her parent’s prestigious alma mater, Mercer Academy, where looks and money equal power. Her plan is to go unnoticed and make it through the year with as little attention as possible.

Too bad that isn’t an option. Everyone already knows she the half-sister of one of the ruling Queens, and the daughter of one of the most rumored students in Mercer’s history.

After Celeste receives notes threatening to get her kicked out of school to rid it of her mother’s legacy she knows who’s to blame.

With the help of other misfits, she forms a plan to expose the Queens for who they really are and end their reign of terror…without getting caught.

Will Celeste and her friends be able to right the wrongs and clear her mother’s name before the Queens realize who’s after them?