Charlie Avery wanted some purpose in life…but never expected that direction would lead her into the arms of a man with a secret.

When Charlie arrives in Ireland, she’s hoping to find direction. Instead, she feels more lost than ever. That is, until she meets the mysterious Aiden who offers her the adventure of a lifetime. The only catch? She has to pretend to be his girlfriend at a family wedding.

A Royal Wedding.

Aiden, the second eldest prince of Lochland, is used to being recognized, so when he meets Charlie and realizes she thinks he’s a normal guy, he takes a chance and invites her into his world.

When Charlie discovers the truth, will she forgive Aiden and keep up the act…or run from the feelings building in her heart?

Serena Jones has plans to make an impact on the world, without the help of her family name, and falling in love is not among them but she never expected to run into her Prince Charming.

The last person Serena Jones expects to meet when she walks into her local bookstore is Cian, the crown prince of Lochland. Things get weirder when she arrives at her brother’s house for dinner and Cian is there!

After running into each other throughout LA, Cian has to return to Lochland and invites Serena to visit him and his country, but she has work to do before she can think of herself and what she wants. After Cian is gone, she realizes how much she misses him and Cian knows he made a mistake leaving.

Will either one of them be brave enough to admit they were wrong?

He’s her bodyguard, but can he still do his job and protect her heart?

Isla watched two of her brothers fall in love, and there’s nothing she wants more than for her chance to experience the greatest feeling in the world. She has a feeling she’s close if the flushed skin, racing pulse, and fluttering in her stomach are any indication. She’s just waiting for him to catch on.

Then her father, the King, does the unthinkable. He announces her hand is wide open and available for the best suitor that comes along. As her worst nightmare becomes her reality she must decide between being the dutiful daughter or fighting for her heart.