Finding My Charming



Tick. Tock.

Everything was going fine in Elise’s life.
Still a family outcast? Check.
Surviving her summer job? Double check.
Leaving for her dream school in the fall? Triple check.
Weird family charm changing color the night of her birthday forcing her to hunt down the one guy who’s supposed to be her one true love and finding two who fit the bill? Yeah, so not part of the plan. Or any plan for that matter! Suddenly Elise is forced to balance work, school, family, internships and both guys!
How’s a girl supposed to choose, especially with the clock ticking towards her doom, after all if she doesn’t choose, and choose correctly before time runs out–her one true love is lost forever.
No pressure or anything.
And she thought college applications were hard.
That is, until Vincent and Dalin walked into her life and changed the course of her heart forever.
Tick Tock.