Aubrey spent her whole life suffering in the role of the ‘perfect’ daughter…until one night changed everything.

In an instant, the boy she thought she loved betrays her. Then she’s sent off halfway across the country to live with her brother who allows her more freedom than she knows how to handle.

Now, for the first time, no one is telling her what to wear, how to act, or what to say. But as Aubrey finds herself being torn apart between three rival boys that each want her to themselves, she starts to wonder if she’s ready to take a leap into love again.

Determined not to let the past control her future, she learns to let go and live life according to her rules. But can she embrace her future while still haunted by her past?

Aubrey thought she left her haunted past behind her when she moved to sunny Southern California, but the stalker she thought was locked up found her.

This time, she’s not alone. As her brother and friend rally to make her feel safe she can’t help but feel suffocated. She refuses to shut down and let some creep ruin her newly built life.

Until one by one, she watches her friends slip away.

What will her mistakes cost her?

Following the bitter breakup with her high school sweetheart, Mackayla Page is one senior project away from graduation and starting her journalism career. The only problem is choosing a topic that matters. She’s nearly out of time when a string of attacks plague campus and she discovers a common thread.

Despite the pleas of her cousin, Aubrey, and best friend, Jay, to be safe and let the police do their jobs, she can’t shake the feeling she’s closer to the answers than anyone else.

Will Mackayla get the story she needs, or find herself in over her head?