Buzzer Beater

A cynical athlete. A twice-shy developer. A chance meeting in a romantic spot. Will they risk their wary hearts and try again for happily ever after?

Colin Brassard was living his dream, playing on the Olympic Hockey team and basking in fame until his college sweetheart dumped him. He decided to embrace the bachelor life for five years, until his past showed up during a much needed vacation. What were the odds he and his ex would be in the same country, at the same resort, at the same time? He knew it had to be fate giving them a second chance. All he has to do is convince Lucy of that.

Lucy Royston is perfectly content with her safe life in Silicon Valley. Sure, she doesn’t have any crazy stories to tell her grandkids, but she’s made good choices. The most important one, ending things with the heartbreaker, Colin Brassard. When her best friend asks her to attend her bachelorette party in Cancun, Lucy is hesitant but knows she can’t disappoint the bride-to-be. Running into her ex was the last thing she expected, or wanted.

Can Colin convince Lucy their meeting was fate and to give him another chance or are the old wounds too deep to forget?

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