Full Strength

She’s out to prove she’s enough on her own. He wants to show her being a part of a team isn’t a weakness. Can they meet in the middle or will her pride get in the way?

Addison Dupree is determined to make it as a single mother without asking for help. She’s found a great support system with the women of the Fury Pride, and a new job she actually enjoys. She’s content with focusing solely on her son, Elijah, even if that means denying her attraction to the Utah Fury’s rising star, Grant Fisher.

Something changed in Grant the moment he met Addison. While some guys on the team think he should avoid Addison and her baby, he’s in too deep. All he wants is to be part of their lives and take care of her and Elijah, but Addison resists. Each time he tries to help he drives a wedge further between them.

Will Addison let Grant in, or are they destined to stay friends?

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