Line Change

linechangeHe’s hockey’s newest star. She’s his new personal assistant…and fake girlfriend. Together they have to prove he belongs on the team.

Noah Malkin thought life couldn’t get any better than the day he got recruited to the Utah Fury, well, until he was shipped off to their farm team. After a year of waiting, he going to play with his dream team and share the ice with his idols. He can’t mess up his only chance to prove this is where he belongs.

Colby Wells is struggling as a personal assistant when she gets an unexpected lifeline. Her new client, Noah, is the NHL’s newest sweetheart. She’s prepared for anything until her boss tells her to pack her bags. She has to move in with Noah and be his fake girlfriend, at least until the media circus around him settles down. If she can pull this off she’ll be able to pay back her student loans in just a few months, a freedom she’s desperate for. Plus, she’ll be able to keep a better eye on Noah staying one room away.

Can they keep their relationship professional as they grow closer, or will Colby and Noah lose their contracts?

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