Match Penalty

He lives to shock and entertain and she’s perfectly content with her predictable life. But when they meet, sparks fly.

Madeline Romney swore off players after one heartbreak too many. She prefers the safety and stability of her aspiring politician boyfriend, even if he is growing distant. Nothing will alter her plans of the perfect future, not even the alluring bad boy from her dad’s team can tempt her.

Erik Shultz is a player. He knows it, the team knows it, the public loves it. He can get any woman he wants, and usually does, until he meets Madeline. She’s the first woman who can resist his charms. She’s also off-limits, which makes her oh so tempting. Erik can see she’s miserable with her boring suit of a boyfriend and is determined to prove he’s the right man for her.

Can these opposites see that they’re perfect for each other, or will they get ejected from the game?

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