Penalty Kill

He’s the boring dad of the team. She’s a free spirit that doesn’t want to be tied down. When life brings them together the most unexpected things happen. 

Brandon Cullen’s the oldest guy on the Utah Fury, with a wife and two kids, he doesn’t get to hang out with the rest of the team. Until his wife decides her followers deserve to see her living her best life. Suddenly, he’s a single dad trying to balance his career and being there for his children. One of the two is bound to suffer if he doesn’t make some changes. 

Sydney Banks grew up in a stable home with two loving parents taking one annual trip to the coast. Everything was planned and safe and routine. The moment she graduated high school she took off seeking a life of excitement. When she takes a chance on a nannying position she never expected to find the greatest adventure of all. 

Can Brandon and Sydney let go of their fears to see they belong together, or are each of them too set in their ways?

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