Power Play

They had love and they lost it. Will they repeat their mistakes or learn from the past?

Taylor Klein is lost. Literally. She was supposed to start a new job in Raleigh but missed a turn somewhere in Ohio, so she missed her first day. Fired before she could ever step foot in the front door. It’s fine. She didn’t really want to work at one of the best accounting firms south of the Mason-Dixon anyway. Just when she thinks she’s hit rock bottom sitting alone in a bar downtown, in walks her high school flame in all his perfect, professional athlete glory.

Jason Dumoulin’s dreams are coming true. It’s only his second year in the NHL and his team is competing for the Stanley Cup. Every sacrifice, injury, and minute of practice is paying off. Life couldn’t get any better until he heads out with the guys for dinner the night before the first game and gets a pint thrown in his face.

They were each other’s first loves, but he left her behind. Can these two find their way back to each other or are should they let the past stay where it belongs?

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