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Begin Again’s New Home & 2016 Recap

Hi All!

Begin Again has found a new home with Blue Tulip Publishing! It has been a dream working with the BTP team! Begin Again has a pretty new cover and is available in ebook format. I’m so excited to work with a team that believes in and loves this story almost as much as I do.



Barnes & Noble





2016 was a rollercoaster! My first publisher closed it’s doors with 3 days notice, I found BTP and started the publishing process all over again, and have been querying out another book.

Querying has turned out to be such an emotional process. One I wasn’t expecting. I finished Uncharming in April 2016 and presented it to a big time NY agent in May. She passed but I learned a lot from talking with her. I’ve now sent out my query letter over 100 times. I’ve had several interested agents, but so far no takers. Getting rejection letter after rejection letter has left me crying, stomping my feet (in the middle of Macy’s), and doubting myself.

I’ve had to ask myself why I want an agent, why I write, and how much longer I can do this before I finally give up.


I want an agent because I want this book to be published through one of the big dogs. I want the most amount of people to come in contact with my book. I believe traditional publishers still have the widest spread and accessibility.

I write for myself, but also for those that want to read fun, clean YA books. There are voices and people in my head that want their stories told and I want to share those with you!

I’ll continue to try until I find that agent that reads my book and falls in love. I had the realization this past week that although I LOVE YA books, I don’t love them all. Agents might be looking for YA books that have several characteristics that Uncharming has and appear to be a perfect fit but if the agent reads it and isn’t jumping out of their seat to represent it, then I don’t want them too. I’ve read books that I want to scream about from the rooftop and I’ve read some that left me feeling meh. I’m waiting for the agent that wants to hold my hand and shout with me.

So, where does that leave things? Here are my hopes and goals for 2017, maybe having them out there will hold me accountable.

  • Publish Live Again with Blue Tulip and finish the series with Love Again (McKayla’s Story) I’ve been working on Love Again for two years because other things keep coming up, but I love it and can’t wait for people to read it!!
  • Get and agent and a publisher to fall in love with Uncharming
  • Finish (and publish) Consequences of Being Invisible
  • Write more blog posts, so many things to share with you guys


That’s it for now! 2017 is going to be a GREAT one!

xoxo Brittney



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