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Dreaming Big: don’t let doubt stop you

I had a realization this week. My big dream might not be knocking on my door (yet) but that doesn’t mean every little thing I’m doing now isn’t bringing just a teeny tiny bit closer to the ultimate goal.


My big dream? Getting my books to you. I want my words read.

There are plenty of ways to go about it and every person you ask advice from will tell you something completely different!

The right way is with an agent who can get you in with a big time traditional publisher! You’ll live the dream of walking into your neighborhood bookstore and find your name gracing the shelves! Traditional is the only way to go!

No, no! You give up too much when you go traditional! You have no say in anything and it can take years for your book to see the light of day. Small publishers are the way to go. You have a professional team to back you, but you still have some control. They’re the ones to trust!

Noooooo! Self publishing is the only option these days! Why give away part of your royalties when you can do everything yourself! The book is true to you and your vision! Your book your way!

Are any of these opinions wrong? Are any of them right? It depends on who you ask. Each writer had their own goals and ideals. Some want complete say in their title, cover, and content so self pub is the clear choice. Others want the validation of an agent or publisher saying that their book is good enough.

I’m in the middle. I’ve self published. I’ve signed with small publishers. I’ve spend months sending out query letters and received 100+ rejections.

I want it all because I want my books seen in a way that so far only traditional publishers have been able to do. I want the intimacy of working with a small publisher that loves my book as much as I do. I want the complete control over my books.

I want this all for you, the readers. It’s devastating when another rejection comes in for the book you put your soul into, but it’s a story I so desperately want to share with the world.

Each page I write is bring me closer to the dream. Each submission and rejection is another step closer. Those little details matter! When I get frustrated that things aren’t happening on my timeframe I need to remember that the things I’m doing NOW are bringing me closer.

Be true to your dreams. No matter how impossible or hard they may seem they are your heart’s desire and you have to try.

Whatever your goal is, the effort you put in today matters.



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