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Inspiration from Music

Music is often my muse.

Songwriters have always been so impressive to me. They’re able to create a world, craft a story, make you laugh or cry, and all in about 3 minutes.


I’ve tried several times to write short stories and can’t keep my word count down, yet there are these amazing people that can do it in a few hundred words!

I have to have music playing when I’m writing. I create a different Spotify playlist for each book and listen to it on repeat while I write. It’s incredible how music is able to transport you to a place, time, or emotion. It’s the quickest way for me to get into the right mindset for the characters and story I’m writing.

So, here are a few of my favorite songwriters:

Carrie Underwoodimages

Man, you do not want to mess with this girl. She may be small but she can pack a punch.

Revenge is her sweet spot. If you ever want to get back a an ex just take a listen to a few of her tunes and you’ll have the perfect plan.

She takes you through a full story from beginning to end, which is incredible considering the time constant. Bravo!



Ed Sheeran

Ed. Oh Ed. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

The musical genius of our generation. His ability to weave words together that not only sound beautiful but have meaning and tell a story….*mind blown*. He’s witty, yet covers sensitive subjects. He’s a true storyteller.

My favorite line: “Tell her that she turns my cheeks the colour of my hair” -One Night

Get it? He’s a red head? I die.


Ke$ha – Praying.


The raw emotion in the song is what makes it so powerful. She makes you feel the pain she’s gone through. She has every right to write a song about how much she hates the man that put her through her recent trials, and it probably still would have been a hit. Instead, she exposed herself and thanks him for making her the stronger woman she is now for having gone through it. This strong of emotion I hope to reach in my books.


downloadTaylor Swift, love her or hate her, the girl’s got talent. What’s made her so insanely popular is one thing: She writes relatable songs. You put yourself into the song and understand her thoughts and emotions. She’s nailed the teenage angst, and emotional break-ups that I too write about.


Let me know who your favorite song writers are!

Thanks for reading!




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