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LTUE Experience

The Life, The Universe and Everything conference is this weekend and has given me the kick in the butt to get going on things again.

Graduating from college meant I would have more time for writing and working on things (like this website), at least that’s what I thought! Job hunting for a ‘big girl’ position has been rough, tough, and overall suckage. In a dream world I would be able to dedicate all of my time to writing, but apparently bills are meant to be paid and food doesn’t magically appear in my kitchen. Such letdowns after growing up thinking stuff just happened.

Back to the conference. This one is HUGE! There is also so much more diversity than any other conference I’ve attended. I was a minority in that I write contemporary fiction, without fantasy, sci-fi, or steampunk elements. I still don’t know what Steampunk is but I know better than to ask anyone there. I’m also a minority since I don’t read/watch/understand anime or manga(is that even right? There was a ten minute discussion in one of the classes and I thought they were just mispronouncing magma). My little pony was also mentioned.

I had those…when I was four…as a mode of transportation for my Polly Pockets.

I definitely entered a universe that I didn’t know existed, but I learned so much in just the first day! At a conference I attended in October I felt like I had really connected with people there and wanted to walk around hugging them and yelling “MY PEOPLE!!”, but at this event I’m embracing the new genres and taking what I can and applying it to my work.

Sidenote, in one class two girls sat next to me and introduced themselves as students from the local high school. Last time I checked I was supposed to be that age, but after an hour of listening to the ‘whisper’ and write notes back and forth I realized what I have become. An adult. *CRINGE*

A class today inspired this random rant and I plan on posting more regularly for anyone that looks on the site…Hi Mom. Hopefully, over time these should make more sense and have a purpose…maybe.

Stay tuned and keep reading!

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