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Farewell 2015! Announcements for 2016!


As 2015 comes rapidly to a close I figured it was as good time as any to recap this year and make some announcements for 2016!

In 2015 I:

Graduated from BYU

Published Live Again

Attended two writing conferences

Met new writing friends

and…drum roll…signed with a publisher!

There’s my big announcement that I’m sure most of you didn’t know. Begin Again and Live Again will be re-released under BookTrope.

This is why the third book in the series, Love Again, has been delayed. All three books will be undergoing edits and facelifts before their releases! The team I work with to polish these babies is fantastic and I’m so excited to see where they go with the backing of a publisher.

Another 2016 announcement! I have another project I’ve been working on that I have scheduled to pitch to an agent in May! Cross your fingers for me!!

I have high hopes for this coming year and am so excited to share everything I’m working on with you guys!

Best wishes for 2016!

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