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Watch Out for This Girl!

This weekend was my husband’s birthday! After the standard celebrations and gift giving he bought himself another present, one I’m having to mentally adjust to.

IMG_0078Growing up in California there was no need for firearms, but Hubby grew up huntin’, fishin’, campin’, and doing all sorts of other verbs that generally occur in the great outdoors. Since we’ve been married he’s wanted his own gun(s) to do the above activities, but I’ve been the nag saying no. I don’t like guns. They’re loud and scary and have the potential to cause harm. I’m still not sure how it exactly happened on Saturday, but he’s now a gun owner and we went to the range to break it in.

I will admit that knowing how to use it and appreciating it rather than fearing the gun makes it not so scary. Also, having a better shot than Hubby helps.

Hubby told me to aim for the head…so I did. IMG_0080Notice the cluster? Yeah, that was me! (He decided to try to add a beard below.)

When we pulled the target in and I saw how awesome my aim is I decided to join the FBI or Mafia, which ever is easier to get into!

Well, maybe I’ll just write about a character that does.




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