Battle with Hashimoto's, Blog Post

My Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Battle, Part II

I posted about my struggle with Hashimoto’s previously and have an update!

A friend of mine told me about a specialist she went to last year when she was feeling crummy. Low energy, weight gain, etc….all the fun symptoms of low thyroid. Well, we got to talking about my experience and told me I had to give this doctor a try. I looked them up and requested a consultation. Fast forward several weeks and I finally got a call back. They’re normally booked out 6 weeks, but they had a cancellation for the NEXT DAY!excited-gif22

I rearranged my schedule and got to the office the next morning full of anticipation and nerves. See there’s one minor detail about this specialist (and most that specialize in helping Hashimoto patients) they aren’t covered by insurance. *insert tears here* (I still haven’t gotten the bills so pray for me)

The assistant lead me back to a chic room (increased panic about the cost. I mean, who has custom made, ceramic sinks in each of their rooms?) and she gave me three pages of questions to go through. About 50 or so symptoms and checkboxes for each. I but a nice little check next to ~90% of them.

When the doctor came in (his doppelganger is Alan Tudyk! Confirmed by my friend as well) he looked over the surveys and laughed. “Looks like you have some hormone imbalances.” Duh.


First words out of his mouth were more than any other doctor had admitted. I’ve been doing my own research on thyroid disease, autoimmune diseases, and adrenal fatigue. His words confirmed it. We spent over an hour talking with him mostly listening and actually taking notes. Everything from my diet, exercise, prescriptions, past, and goals. More than any other doctor had ever done for me.

He was able to look through the information I gave him and make connections that go back over 13 years! HOW? No other doctor was able to see the things he did.


He listened and believed me. He didn’t say, “Well looks like you’re doing everything you can, see ya!” He got it and he made sure that I understood everything, too.

He believed I have two additional hormone levels that are too low and we’re working on those. We did blood work (4 HUGE vials were drained my my veins by the vampires) and I got the results yesterday.

The nurse calling me said just one of the problems was enough to cause extreme fatigue and I had THREE! Low iron, low B vitamins, and low adrenal function. I told you so past doctors! *sticking out my tongue*

I’m now taking 7 different vitamins and supplements and have a renewed sense of hope.

If you’re going through a trial, either big or small, don’t give up! Fight!

I’ll keep you updated

xoxo, B


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