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It’s been a while…

I’m not a huge fan of change and the entire Spring season was one change after another. These last few months have kicked my butt. I’ve been less active than normal, but that’s good news on the book front!

Let me catch you up.



We’ve been going through the home buying process, and it’s simply been THE WORST. A total nightmare. If something could go wrong it has. We’ve been able to move into the home but haven’t closed on the loan yet, so we aren’t quite homeowners. Hopefully that will change very, very soon. Stay tuned for more…



On top of us moving, my parents decided to up and move away for warmer weather. I’m VERY close with my parents so suddenly not having them close by has been an adjustment. Not one I particularly enjoy, but they’ve got to grow up and go on their own at some point. The upside is they live close to two lakes and visits now include ample sun time.



An update on my fight against Hashimoto’s! I started a diet my doctor recommended that eliminates quite a bit, but mostly FODMAPS and fermentable foods. The first week was rough, think eggs, lettuce, almonds, and not much else. (I’m exaggerating but it felt like that’s all I was eating at the beginning.) It’s been four weeks now and I’ve relaxed the restrictions just a bit to make it more realistic for long periods of time and I feel great! I finally found a doctor that knows what he’s talking about! WOOOOOT! I’ve lost weight for the first time in 3 years, I have more energy, and I can tell my body is liking the change.

runningI’m doing something crazy. My sisters-in-law convinced me to join their team for a relay race later this summer. I am not a runner. At all. My knees have issues, my lungs don’t like it, it’s boring, and it’s hard. I’ll lift weights and do cardio until the cows come home, but I DO NOT RUN! When they started talking about the race and I realized I’d be the only one not participating I decided to challenge myself. My new diet is making my body feel better so I know I can do it, but I need my brain to accept the fact.

The race is in September and is 50 miles long. Each of us will run 3 5K’s in one day. Some may laugh and say that’s nothing, but remember, I DO NOT RUN! I’m telling you now so I’ll be held accountable. I’m going to make myself become a runner. Somehow. Wish me luck and if you have any training tips let me know!

My husband and I survived the stressful Hockey season and saw our team through their victory of the Stanley Cup! GO PENS!


Next, I went through a job change that left me with a month gap between jobs which means…A MONTH OF BOOK WRITING!!! I finished a new one, am halfway through another, and finishing the edits on another! You guys! So many books! My head spins a bit trying to keep track of everything.

See, good news was buried deep down there in the roughness that has been life.


I’ll be revealing the cover of the new book soon! I’m going to announce it first through my newsletter so be sure to sign up!

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