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Well Hello, 2018!


2017 is over! It was a rough one wasn’t it?

Between the hurricanes, fires, wars, terrorist acts, shootings, and global politics it’s hard to find some positive things to remember. So I bid thee farewell ’17 and hope that year was as bad it could get….yeah, not likely, huh?

Okay, there were some pretty great things that happened, to the world and to me.

  • I saw sloths in person!

    My new best friend Mrs. Sloth
  • I published another book with BlueTulip Publishing.
  • I wrote 3 new books!
  • My husband and I bought our first home!
  • I ran my first ever race.
  • I went to New York and got the inspiration for my current work in progress!
  • I met new friends and authors that have inspired me.
  • I’m making baby steps of progress with my Hashimoto’s.
  • The #MeToo movement is changing the world!
  • Manatees (top 3 favorite animal) was removed from the endangered animals list!
  • Through each disaster that struck we had the opportunity to stand up and support our neighbors. #faithinhumanityrestored

Normally, I’m not big on New Years Resolutions. If you mess up within the first few days it’s easy to give up.

For me, I’m too strict on myself, so this year I’m making some goals & dreams that are a bit more fluid. I also read recently the difference between goals and dreams. Goals are within your personal ability to control, while dreams are usually controlled by others. So here are my goals that I’ll be working on through ALL of 2018, not just the first few weeks. If I miss a day or fail off the track, tomorrow in an opportunity to start fresh!



Get healthy!

  • Improve eating habits
  • Complete BBG’s 12 week program then repeat!
  • Continue working with Dr. to get thyroid levels to our target range

Write More!

  • Complete 4 full length novels this year
  • Write something (as little as a sentence) EVERY DAY!

Don’t Compare!

  • Refrain from comparing myself to others in levels of perceived success.
  • Don’t compare myself to other authors (we’re all on our own track)
  • Don’t compare myself to others physically (we all have our own health struggles)


Publish More!

  • Publish 4 books this year!

Sign with an Agent

  • This is something I’ve been loosely chasing for the past two years. Half the time I want to pursue that and the other half I want to go completely indie. At the end of the day, I love working with my publisher so having an agent isn’t make or break for me.

Travel Internationally

  • My husband and I travel at least once a year to a place at least one of us hasn’t been before. We’d really love to go to the Philippines this year, but we’ll have to see how things work out. Being a homeowner is expensive, man!


Now that these are out in the open I feel more accountable to accomplish them. Let me know what your 2018 goals and dreams are!



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